Individual Supervision Program

As a therapist, it is especially important to continually develop your own therapeutic capabilities and style. Depending on your learning goals, the Individual Supervision Program will be tailored to focus on specific therapeutic theory, interventions, and therapeutic relationships in your role as a therapist


On the basis of your own case history, you will be invited to discover new perspectives and approaches. The supervision focus will be on issues such as “How you can handle your experience of being alone/feeling alone differently.” and “How to find your unique own way in relating to clients, and acting appropriately.”


The program will help to minimize your being stuck in the same pattern over and over again. You will be encouraged to discover how you can stand up for yourself and how to keep and guard boundaries. This will all take place in a context of unfolding togetherness in an instructive, safe atmosphere.

Flow of the individual supervision sessions:

– Begin by contributing your own situation/theme or experience

– What is your request for help for this supervision?

– When you share your story, to which topic should we pay attention ?

– What ‘Felt Sense’ or ‘experienced Felt meaning ‘ does this case evoke in you?

– Can you explore different ways of exploring and expressing like a drawing, a    symbol or physical movement?

Points of attention throughout the session:

– What happened / what did you experience?

– What did you do and how did it work?

– What does that say about yourself and what does it mean for you to tell this now?

– What is most right for you at this moment?

– What do you find most appropriate in your story?

– Where do you have the feeling now that it

– How do you view the intervention you did then?

– What comes to the foreground for you?

– What is still unfinished / where does your attention still get stuck?

Self-reflection after the session:

– Was it useful / what did I discover / learned from it?

– What are my points of attention; challenges or next steps?

– What adjustment in my work concept does this result in (especially in values ​​/ norms / role perception / insights / preference / strengths and weaknesses) ?

– Can I now think of alternatives that I would find more appropriate