Focusing Trainer II

Part II: Training to become a Focusing Trainer  (Trainer Group)

Program Schedule

Next Start 2024 May 28 7pm till 9.30 pm (Amsterdam time)

18 June
and from September

This training is open to people who have completed the previous training. In this training you learn to teach Focusing to a group, and some ways to  bring Focusing into the world. Each student has to find 3-5 people to whom  they can give a basic course in Focusing (#1), and then have a preliminary  interview with each one, followed by the course.  This part of the training takes about another year.
The emphasis in our classes and training groups is on  Focusing in general and for the use of selfcare in daily life. You might want to teach parents, teachers, collegues, families, professionals in healthcare. Most of our trainees are professionals in coaching, therapies, bodywork, education etc..
Our main goal is to teach focusing to people so they can practice it privately and in their professional work, and to train new trainers so they can bring Focusing further into  the world, just from where they are.

Way of working:
All the key elements are attuned on your own process, “you never can go faster than the slowest process”. We will always be working from the Focusing attitude. Everybody will follow his own process and development, so some of you are experts; some of you are just beginners. We can learn and discover from each others strength and experience.

4 key elements are important
1. Concrete experience (doing/ having an experience)
2. Reflective observation, (reviewing/ reflecting on the experience)
3. Active experimentation (planning, trying out what you have learned)
4. Abstract conceptualization (concluding, learning from the experience)

There are 10 group meetings of 2,5 hours in the online training. The training may include  2 hours of individual consultation with (one of) the teacher(s). 

  • In the group meetings, the students bring in their ideas and plans about how they are  structuring the basic course and courses 2 through 4, and discuss them with each  other, and try out talks about focusing topics and group exercises. The teachers do not  tell them how to do this, but participate in the discussions. Once the classes have started,  they can bring in problems and successes to discuss with the group. 
  • Each group meeting one or two articles about special aspects of Focusing are discussed.
  • Some of the other topics covered are: role play, group dynamics, projecting brochures  and advertising. Students are encouraged to bring in brochure  samples etc for the group. Group sessions include Focusing on how they each feel about  their progress in the training.
  • At an extra, final session, sometimes with the students of another coordinator in the  Netherlands, each student gives a presentation/ exercise of something about Focusing.
  • Students are also encouraged to follow workshops with other trainers, to visit the International Conference or Summerschool etc.

After the group sessions, the teachers and the student decide whether the student is ready,  and if not, what more training is needed.

Topics that are covered:

  • The first  introduction to a new participant
  • Marketing your training
  • Making a flyer
  • Which subjects are important
  • Exploring excercises
  • How to create a safe containment in the group
  • Your style of teaching
  • How to give feedback/ reflections to participants
  • Similarities and differences with other philsophies;  EFT/Mindfulness/ NLP
  • Difficulties in working with groups
  • How to keep the balance between exploring / teaching/ giving information/ excercises

Specific learning points related to Focusing process:

  • Clearing/ creating space
  • Exploring aspects of FS
  • Skills: pausing/ listening/ mirroring/ reflecting
  • Finding the right distance/ deepening/ resonating / Focusing language
  • Blocks and Shift
  • Critical process
  • Ending the proces
  • Different ways of expressions and exploring
  • How to support and listen to eachother
  • When a participant need therapy

Focusing level 1 till level 4 or similar experience (in consultation with the trainers) And the year training Focusing Practicioner (one to one)

Where: Harriet & René offer Zoom online video conferencing (link will be provided).
Cost:  €890 for each year; Includes 10 Zoom meetings once a month + 2 individual supervision sessions;  (Our 5 days Being Seriously Playful training  is not included.)
How to register: Harriet & René website-  or email to:
Payment: Via PayPal at: or by TransferWise ( free of charge)
Limited number of participants: maximum of 6 people
Recordings: All classes are recorded, with recordings being sent to each participant
More information: If you want to have more practical information, send an email to René: or call: 0031636089557, and we will find a moment to explore your wishes and questions