EXPLORING your DREAMS in a Focusing Way

2-day online workshop 24 September and 1st October 2022

Despite their often bizarre and ethereal qualities, dreams can be a rich source of meaning and insight. Dreams are like a wise and trusted supervisor who reliably points you toward the emotional truth and the most salient aspects of your client’s current life situation.
Occasionally dreams go beyond this steady guidance and bring images of stunning depth and creativity that lead to insight, healing, and a call to action. If taken seriously, these ‘big’ dreams can lead to transformation. The beauty of dreams is that the information they
bring comes directly from the dreamer, unfiltered and unhampered by the internal censor that operates during waking hours. Dreams unearth deep truths that may be hard, even impossible, to reach otherwise, and they are not distorted by either the client’s blind spots or by your own; they simply tell it like it is.

Harriet Teeuw & Rene Veugelers are from the Netherlands and are
Coordinators for adult- and Children Focusing for TIFI.
Both are art therapist, FOT and specialized for many years in
working with Focusing processes with adults and Children in different
ways. Using ways of expression around the Felt Sense with symbols,
drawing and art material, play, cards, music and nature.

Two days Content:

  1. What are the most compelling reasons to pay attention to
  2. Simple exercises to engage with your own dreams and begin
    to make sense of them.
  3. In addition to the theory, the trainers will give
    demonstrations and you are going to work with your own
    dream. We will work in pairs or triads.
  4. Some clips; introduction By Gendlin.
    Turtle dream and Nada Lou and Gendlin


Training Fee: 215 Euro (Normal)
Early Bird before 1 May 2021 190 Euro

Information and Sign up mail René: rene@ftcz.nl