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Do you want to develop your own style of Focusing and integrate this into your own practice or life?

Do you want to deepen your Focusing process and skills?

Do you want to support your clients/ children to find/learn Focusing?

Harriet Teeuw & I are very happy and proud that we can offer our international Online Certification Program to become a Focusing trainer over a period of two years. Divided in two parts: the first year is a Focusing training to become a Practitioner (one to one) for working with adults and/or children by recording sessions and developing your own Focusing skills and style. The second year is to develop your Focusing training for a group of adults (or children)

New: Home Focusing by Annat Gal on 2 days In the Netherlands

New: Connect before Correct a Program for parents, grandparents and caregivers
Integrating Focusing and Nonviolent Communication

Our Dutch Children Foundation worked a lot with Marta and Ynse  Stapert through mentoring and training. And we are proud to carry forward their  legacy! We made a small introduction clip about Focusing with Children to promote Marta‚Äôs book (feel free to use and share it)  This is the link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Plsucq9VjwI