Introductory course

Dynamic Expressive Focusing!

A Fresh Approach to Being with Children and Your Inner Child

You are invited to join Harriet Teeuw & René Veugelers for a ’Seriously Playful’ 2-day online introductory course in Experiential Listening & Focusing skills, Non-Verbal Communication, Creativity & Therapeutic ArtMaking, Inner Child Contact and Deepening Bodily Awareness.

Designed for professionals working with children and young people of all ages-from toddlers to teenagers! Also open to parents, grandparents, caregivers, and anyone interested in learning these skills. Most importantly, it’s available for YOU

March Fryday 15 (2pm till 9pm), Saterday 16th (2pm til 9pm) CET         

Where: Online by Zoom
Fee: €245 (Normal), ask for scholarship possibilities

Topics Covered. Working with creative expression and non-verbal communication. we will learn the basic listening skills of Children’s Focusing. The central goal is to achieve authentic contact and open connection through simple, structured exercises designed to support the process of re-connection with yourself and to articulate ways to transfer this authenticity into your everyday life with children and your roles as a parent, grandparent, therapist, or teacher.  

What to expect. This program is an invitation to participate in activities offering you direct experience of the tools, techniques and the inherently gentle, playful approach of Experiential Focusing. The program context will be a gradual, supported learning in a safe group environment, allowing you to absorb the skills, knowledge and attitudes that result in real interaction with others ~ both children & adults. We will do all of the above in a safe environment with clear boundaries that respect the need for privacy and vulnerability.

You will learn: How to integrate an experiential dimension into your daily life and/or working practice, building greater resilience and competence in selfcare while developing your understanding of personal, bodily-felt life experience from both a theoretical and practical point of view.

Review by Caroline Moore

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