2 days online workshop

How do you talk to yourself? Are you kind? Or…
Especially at times when you’re moving toward spontaneity and innerfreedom and creativity, what kinds of things show up in your innerdialogue? Mostly these are blocking thoughts and feelings related to yourchildhood experience; for example:
People often notice four kinds of things about a criticizing voice:
1) It speaks to you. Often, not always, it says “You are…” or “You need to…”
2) It calls you names;
“stupid,” “weak,” “useless,” etc. It labels you.
3) It uses the language of “should,” “have to,”
4) It compares you to other people.

Harriet Teeuw & Rene Veugelers are from the Netherlandsand are Coordinators for adult- and Children Focusing forTIFI. Both are art therapist, FOT and specialized for manyyears in working with Focusing processes with adults andChildren in different ways. Using ways of expressionaround the Felt Sense with symbols, drawing and artmaterial, play, cards, music and nature.

Training Fee: 215 Euro (Normal)
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