General Terms and Conditions KinderFocusCentrum Nederland: KFCNL

1 Definitions;

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements between KinderFocusCentrum Nederland (hereinafter referred to as KFCNL) and the client (hereinafter referred to as participant) of training courses, workshops, seminars and other forms of education (hereinafter referred to as education).

2. Conclusion of agreement;

The agreement is concluded because the participant has sent the registration form via the website and has agreed to the general terms and conditions. After this digital registration, the participant will receive a confirmation letter regarding the education for which he has registered and an invoice. The registration is final when the participant has paid the registration fee.

3. Option;

It is possible to take an option. A place in education is then reserved. This reservation is valid up to four weeks before the start of the education. If the education fills up earlier, the participant will be contacted.

4. Waiting list;

If the course is fully booked at the time of registration, the participant will be placed on a waiting list. The participant will receive a digital message about this. As soon as space becomes available, the first participant on the waiting list will be approached.

5. Payment;

After sending the digital registration form via the website, the participant will receive an invoice plus a letter of participation for the education for which he has registered. The registration is final as soon as the participant has paid the registration fee. Payment takes place within 14 days. Payment in installments is possible in consultation. Payment in installments does not release the participants from the obligation to pay the full tuition costs. There are no additional costs associated with payment in installments. Course materials and compulsory literature are included in the price. This does not apply to the recommended literature.

6. Cancellation;

Cancellation can only take place in writing or by email. The participant has the right to dissolve the agreement free of charge without giving any reason during 1 month after the conclusion of the agreement. If the above has not been used, the following rules apply:

-Cancellation up to one month before the start date: €50 administration fee

-Cancellation up to a week in advance 50% of the tuition costs.

-Cancellation less than 1 week before the start: 100% of the tuition costs.

If the participant terminates participation after the first day of education or does not participate in education for other reasons, the participant will pay the full participation costs, including any outstanding installments of payment in instalments. The participant can be replaced by someone else for the duration of the entire education, if he or she meets the admission requirements. KFCNL has the right to cancel the education with a clear statement of reasons, in which cases the participant is entitled to a refund of the full amount paid by the participant to the KFCNL.

7. Liability;

KFCNL makes every effort to carry out the education to the best of its knowledge and ability. KFCNL is only liable for damage-causing fact in which a successive series of facts are regarded as a fact. KFCNL is not liable if it is possible to contact an insurance company. Participants enter the areas of the KFCNL at their own risk. KFCNL is not liable for damage, loss or theft of property of participants in the education.

8. Confidentiality;

Information provided by participants will be treated confidentially by KFCNL. Participants treat the information provided by the courses confidentially. The copyright of brochures, training scripts, sheets, and other written materials published by KFCNL rests with KFCNL. Published material is the property of the entrant. No data in any form whatsoever from the materials will be published or multiplied in any way by the participant without the express written permission of KFCNL.

Harriet Teeuw & René Veugelers

FOT, Art therapist & Coordinators for Focusing for adults and children